How does it work?

You will be given a kit supplied with tailored project tools,  materials and an instruction sheet. All other tools will be provided at the table caddy. Depending on project, it might take between 1-3 hours to complete. Crafts + Drafts helpers are available if needed. Once complete, return all tools and unused materials back into kit. Then, congrats! You've competed a work of art!

What is included in the price?

The price includes all materials required to complete a single project. Tools and instruction sheets are returned upon completion of project. Sorry, drinks are not included in fee.

What time do I show up?

You are free to show up between the hours listed (usually a 3 hour time frame). However, allow yourself time to create the project from start to finish. It will vary on difficulty level and skill.

Are drop-ins an option?

You are encouraged to register and prepay for your spot. Kits are made to order. C+D will have a few randomly selected spare kits on hand.

What if the kit does not reflect my project selection?

We try our best to match leather color to specifications. Sometimes, leather varies in color due to the tanning process. If the design is incorrect, please let C+D know. It might have been an oopes on our end. We will rectify it as soon as possible.

What if I do not finish?

You may take your materials home with you. However, you may not take tools and instruction sheets.

Are drinks free?

No, drinks are not included in your registration fee. The bar may have drink specials provided. Check with bartender for details.

What if I cut my project incorrectly?

Oh no! Minor errors may be creatively fixed. However, if it is a large error, replacement leather pieces are available for $10. Replacement leather will be limited to what is in stock.

What if I need to cancel?

Unexpected things come up. There are no refunds given. However, a credit will be applied and you may use it at another event.

Is this kid friendly?

This depends on the event. While we love children, this is primarily an adult only event. Some establishments allow children. Contact Crafts + Drafts for details.