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Meet the Maker.


Heather started crafting very early in life and has never stopped.

As a child, she crafted with any material she could. From taking old wrapping paper samples and making doll houses, writing and illustrating stories on wallpaper scraps to digging up dirt to make clay, playing with materials and making beautiful things represents a deep sense of who she is today.
With a Bachelor's degree in Art Education and Studio Art and a Master's degree in Arts Administration, Heather is living her passion everyday teaching elementary art in Tallahassee, Florida. And now, she gets to expand her love of art and teaching to adults!

"I've always romanticized idea of Quilting Bees and what they represented. It was a way to connect with others and make purposeful items--knit socks, quilt blankets. There's a nostalgia in me that I can't ignore. I romanticize about things past."

Crafts + Drafts is a modern take on an old tradition. It's about meaningful connection, making useful, yet beautiful things, and having fun.

"There is tremendous satisfaction from making something with your hands. I see it everyday in my young students. Adults experience the same joy when they are in engaged in art, too. Combine that with a relaxed, social environment where adults already give patronage--it's a win-win for all."



Heather Light, Creative Curator